I am a graphic and interaction designer, photographer and art curator based in Barcelona.

Curator’s toolkit

Empowering art engagement: Redefining experiences with interactive exhibition solutions.

In today’s context, where critical thinking often gets overshadowed by impersonal herd activism, it’s vital to embrace what truly distinguishes us: our capacity for reflection. Enter this innovative toolkit, curating over 20 interactive solutions tailored for art exhibition spaces. Serving as a guiding light in the exhibition design process, it crafts a space that not only engages but enriches visitors through dynamic interactions. It revolutionizes the way art is experienced. It turns art appreciation from a passive thing into an empowering, life-changing experience.

︎︎︎Laus Bronze Winner

Light Installation

Data Universe Unveiled: Dive into a mesmerizing installation of 3,000 fiber optic threads at Llum BCN 2020!

Data Universe Unveiled: Dive into a mesmerizing installation of 3,000 fiber optic threads at Llum BCN 2020! In a world of perpetual competition, the more information gathered about individuals, the greater power is wielded over them. Our data moves around the world at lightning speed, no longer just belonging to us but becoming part of a vast archive. The lights that allow interaction with Anima represent all our collective information. They remind us that we’re all part of a system where, like the thousands of tiny lights in optical fibers, we’re all equal and interconnected within the digital world.

In collaboration with students from Ephimeral Spaces Masters [Elisava].

︎︎︎Llum Barcelona Festival ︎︎︎Winter Lights Festival London (Canary Wharf)

Artistic Project

Reimagining time in a modern world.

This project is a poem for the soul, an invitation to reflection. In a society where time has lost its traditional essence, morphing into a linear progression devoid of significance or purpose. An era where every moment devoid of action is perceived as wasted, and each split-second must be seized upon. This message resonates with nearly 8 billion individuals scattered across the globe, addressing those caught in the relentless rhythm of our times, stucked in the monotonous cycles of work and study.
︎︎︎Link to Tempo Book

In collaboration with Beth Pujol, Rubén G. Barrera and Rubén Montero.

︎︎︎Laus Bronze Winner

Game Design

A play that fosters the child’s emotional self-reflection.

Parmaks proposes a children’s toy that transcends mere leisure. These small dolls serve as guides for the child throughout their daily activities, offering games to identify emotions and sensations. They provide explanations on how these emotions are experienced and how to recognize them. The toy aids in the expression of emotions, enabling children to communicate their feelings and reasons to those close to them. It fosters collective play, with an adult facilitating the game and its progression, providing personalized explanations to help the child become more familiar with the play experience.

In collaboration with Ariadna Sala.