Judith Solé

My goal is to harness the transformative power of art to turn ourselves into more reflective, critical, and unique individuals.
My strengths lie in empathy and communication, enabling me to intuitively connect with people and competently resolve complex situations. I recognize that an effective approach to work involves collaboration, leveraging different synergies and perspectives to generate new ideas.

︎︎︎Curriculum 2024


︎︎︎Curatorial and conservation assistant at Museo Jorge Oteiza [2023] Internship

︎︎︎Graphic, UX/UI & Audiovisual Designer at Danone [2020-2022]
︎︎︎Researcher in Communication & Graphic Designer at Elisava Research x Kave Home [2020] Internship

︎︎︎Digital Designer for S2V Sports [2018-2019]

︎︎︎ Packaging Designer for Bodegas Bellod [2018]

Masters in Art Curation at Universidad de Navarra [2022-2023]

︎Degree in Interactive Experiences Design at Elisava School of Design and Engineering [2016-2020]